An Approach That Makes a Difference

Our Niche Is People

Intentionally Independent

The business insurance world tells agencies to pick a few industries and focus exclusively on serving those clients. While we have found excellent program success [check out our on-tap Brewery Program], we relentlessly maintain our generalist division to partner with entrepreneurs across most industries. Backed by powerhouse resources, we can proudly say that our niche is people bold enough to become business leaders.

Entrepreneurs content

Our Resources Your Gain

Maximizing ValueĀ at Every Turn

No matter your industry, we want to help! We are commited to helpingĀ business owners of all shapes and sizes and have the arsenal to back it up.

  • Salary-Based Advisors
  • Multiple Products & Markets
  • 24/7 Digital Solutions
  • Primary Point of Contact
  • 50+ Carrier Options
  • One-Call Policy Maintenance
  • Dedicated Service Team
  • National Presence
  • Accountability Clause
Group 19

Accountability Isn't Optional

A Partner Committed to Shared Success

Whether your business is Fortune 500 hundred or hiring your fifth employee, running a business is a non-stop commitment. You need service providers that move at your pace. The LCIS mission is to measure our success in the success of our clients. We approach each customer as a partner, and our responsibility is to reliably, impactiully, and strategically ensure that your business has the protection and resources it needs to advance.