When a business starts, it is obligated to do the right thing for the people they serve. Whether your business is high-risk, low-risk, big, or small, every company must always protect its clients, employees, and community. This task is difficult, as many work-related incidents are random and unpredictable.

Loft & Co Insurance Services advisors are experts at understanding businesses and finding the best coverage. We have access to more than 100 insurance carriers, so we can make sure you find a policy that will work when you need it. Just as you are committed to your business, we are committed to protecting it!

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Our ”Why”

Shared Knowledge is Shared Success

Having an insurance policy means you have coverage, right?

Actually, no. This is one of the most common misconceptions among business owners. It's often assumed that insurance companies are obligated to cover any loss if there is an active insurance policy. Unfortunately, that's simply not true.

There are thousands of different industries that all come with their own unique needs. As a result, business insurance has equally as many stipulations, underwriting requirements, and for lack of a better word, "outs" for insurance companies. This means you don't have coverage if you don't have the right policy.

On average, about half of the policies our advisors review are constructed incorrectly. Ultimately exposing the business and business owners to a host of avoidable risks. Getting the right coverage takes knowledge, experience, and expertise, which is precisely what you can expect from the advisors at Loft & Co Insurance Services.

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